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TAAFI – Toronto Animation Arts Festival International


The Toronto Animation Arts Festival International, or TAAFI, is the animation festival that welcomes a massive audience of talented professionals, students, studios and enthusiasts, year after year.

TAAFI’S Mission is to showcase incredible animation and the creators behind it. TAAFI is a local reunion for global animation.

TAAFI has evolved into a series of four “can’t miss experiences” in the international animation landscape with distinct events and audiences held throughout the year. We aim to showcase and invigorate the passion in animation. At this time of COVID-19, TAAFI is more determined to service the industry in providing quality content that will inspire our audience and their creativity.

We are a completely volunteer run not-for-profit organization that is crazy passionate about animation, cartoons, and the people who make them.

Our four main events each year are the Film Festival mid February, the Job Fair end of April, our outdoor family screening in August and our Industry Conference early November.