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If the acronym SODEC is now well anchored in the Quebec landscape, it was a real game of Scrabble before arriving there!

The story begins with the creation of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1961, from which emerged in 1975 the Institut québécois du cinéma (IQC), followed in 1978 by the Société de développement des industries de la culture (SODIC), which would become a business bank for the cultural industries of Quebec.

In 1983, the IQC was transformed and split into two organizations: the Société Générale du Cinéma (SGC) and the Institut québécois du cinéma II (IQC II). In 1987, we witnessed a new turn; the government merges SGC and SODIC to form SOGIC, the General Society for Cultural Industries.

In 1993, in the wake of Quebec’s new cultural policy, the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec was created. As for cultural enterprises, books, records and crafts are still under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, while cinema and bank financing of cultural enterprises are handled by SOGIC.

One of the objectives of the Cultural Policy being to implement a strategy for the development of cultural industries, a year later, in 1994, a bill was tabled to create SODEC, a merger of SOGIC and IQC. On February 15, 1995, a decree was adopted to officially create SODEC. The activities of the new entity start with the beginning of the financial year on April 1, 1995 .

A long road traveled, but above all a great success and an example of determination and will of a people who identify their identity and choose to express their originality.