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Salambo Productions Inc.


Salambo animation was born humbly, almost by accident, in August 2006 in the basement of Michel Beaudet, the creator of the cult series “Têtes à slaps”.

Very quickly, this series had a monstrous success throughout the French-speaking world and has accumulated more than 650,000,000 views online to date. 14 years later, Salambo animation has become a magnificent, state-of-the-art studio employing an outstanding team of professionals. We develop and produce projects from A to Z thanks to a solid infrastructure and control all aspects of our productions, from the idea, to the script, including the development of characters, sets, animation, editing, sound, etc.

We are currently producing “The Bizarre Stories of Professor Zarbi”, a humorous animated series for teens broadcast on Télétoon Canada since the fall of 2019 and on the tetesaclaques.tv website.

We are constantly developing and aiming for nothing less than to be the coolest animation studio in the universe.