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Fish Music Inc.


After years of playing in bands, being an Agent for Voice Artists and Actors, and standing on the outside of the Music for Picture world, I found myself looking with quiet envy at the Audio Producers in action around me.  Then a personal loss provided the impetus to embrace the “Life is Too Short” mantra and no longer just be a passenger in my own story, but to pursue my true musical passion. 

In 1996, I launched Fish Music in Toronto. “Why Fish Music?” was the constant question. The Answer: I wanted something organic so when you heard it – because of its simplicity – you would remember the name. Finally, I was working on Music & Sound Design for Commercials, Film, Television and New Media. In Fish’s first year, our efforts were rewarded with a Gold Mobius Award, and an American Advertising Award for a commercial that was only aired in Canada. Gloating is not really my style, but it was pretty cool. Those of us that are lucky enough to do what we love for a living don’t think about much in the moment beyond the creation and execution of those “lightning bolt” audio ideas. Be they musical, sound design based or whatever it takes to marry the visual with the audio.