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Critical Fusion Inc.


There is more to creating a great online learning experience than just assembling content and packing it into linear timeline. Delivering learning content is an opportunity to motivate and captivate an audience, and bring them into your corporate experience. This begins with a core objective followed by a well thought out organizational plan. It’s more than just delivering facts, it’s about pitching the importance of the content that you are delivering. You want the learner to “BUY IN,” and be able to apply that newly gained knowledge in their daily practice.

We do this through visual organization, and added assets to increase the learning experience. Effective visual presentation of content brings structure to learning. By branding your educational content, it enhances learning that emphasizing the critical importance of success in work. Assets such as illustrations and animation help to clarify ideas where text just doesn’t work, and it provides diversity to the learning experience. So why just deliver information, when you can pitch its importance and get the learner involved and sold on what you are conveying.